Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fairy Tales that Mean Business

Have you ever thought about what the characters in Fairy Tales do for a living - what businesses or professions? Check out the characters below - inspiration for your entry in the business decorating competition:

Cinderella: Housekeeping

Princess and the Pea: Quality Management

Pinocchio: Toy tester

Peter Pan: Aeronautical Engineer
Goldilocks and 3 Bears: Travel reviewer

Aladdin: Carpet Salesman
Little Mermaid: Swimming instructor

Hansel and Gretel: Bruce Trail Guides
Snow White: Apple Agronomist

Little Red Riding Hood: Gerontologist

The Frog Prince: Matchmaker

Rapunzel: Hair Dresser

Sleeping Beauty: Ergonomic Pillow Tester
Steadfast Tin Soldier: Adventurer

Thumbelina: Gardener

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